Togo – 2022

In April 2022, the AHCE association in partership with theAssociation Fraternités Togo accomplished a large-scale mission aimed at enhancing the computer capabilities of a cybercafé in the town of Djagblé, near Lomé in Togo. This successful collaboration has led to significant improvements and has provided new opportunities for the residents.

The A.H.C.E. has committed to improving access to computer technology within the community center. As part of the mission, four Windows computers were installed. Each computer was updated with the latest versions of software, and an antivirus was installed to ensure system security. In addition, software such as a PDF document converter, a disc burning program, and an educational software aimed at children and teenagers were installed to enhance the user experience. 


The community center regularly hosts many children, who were often forced to share a single computer. To meet this increasing demand, the A.H.C.E. added an additional computer, thereby allowing more children to access computer resources. Furthermore, all the computers were networked for internet access. l’ensemble des ordinateurs ont été mis en réseau pour un accès à internet.


A.H.C.E.'s accomplishments on site

  • Installation of 4 Windows computers: All PCs were updated, antivirus software was installed, a PDF document conversion software, a disc burning software, as well as an educational software for children/adolescents were set up.
  • An additional computer was added, considering that there are often 4 children sharing a single PC.
  • Excel training was provided to enable accounting management of purchases and expenses of the Kiosk.
  • Installation of a few royalty-free videos for broadcasting during outdoor evenings.
  • Creation of a website with free hosting for the Computer Kiosk and training of one or two individuals to ensure their autonomy.

The mission carried out by the A.H.C.E. in partnership with Fraternités Togo in April 2022 was a great success. Thanks to this successful collaboration, the computer capabilities of the Kiosk have been enhanced, thereby providing new opportunities for the residents.